Sometimes, getting above it all lets you tell a story you didn’t know could be told. The aerial photography of High Vibe Media re-imagines familiar surroundings through the magic of drone filming, capturing the rhythm of life from high above. We have the professional equipment for the best drone photography to suit your purposes, and we offer our services at competitive rates and with a personal touch. High Vibe Media’s aerial photos and video are unique assets you can use to boost your business’s digital presence and social media identity.


Based in Charleston, SC, High Vibe Media gives your creative content a breathtaking new perspective with the help of a filming drone, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Our cameras capture aerial views that convey moods and reflect the big picture in a way that rises far above conventional filming. With a high-quality camera and video camera, we specialize in high-resolution still photography as well as videography, depending on your unique needs. A drone with a professional video camera, stabilized properly, is the best way to achieve the gorgeous aerial cinematography seen in many social and commercial contexts. For still photography as well, a high-quality camera onboard an aerial drone elevates your view to reveal a world of new possibilities.


Commercial Drone Photography and Video

Commercial Drone Photography and Video

You’re limited only by your imagination, but aerial drone photography is particularly a breakthrough in a number of visual-heavy industries. For example, drone photography lends itself to the world of tourism, showcasing a panorama of postcard-worthy landmarks, glittering cityscapes and natural scenery in a way that simply can’t be done when photographing from the ground. At sporting events, shooting from the air can be the best way to convey the extraordinary scope and perspective of a stadium, playing field, massive surf wave or backcountry ski area. Aerial shots and aerial footage is being incorporated more and more into advertising, where heavy competition demands that your images and cinematography stand out from the rest. And one of the most common uses for commercial drone photography is in the real estate field. It’s an effective and increasingly popular way to depict large pieces of property, revealing unique features that aren’t visible from the ground.


Aerial video and photography also allows an innovative angle for capturing your special events. It’s a whole new way to document meaningful occasions and transform them into memories that last a lifetime. With video camera capabilities now being accessible to anybody with a smartphone, it’s easy to become an impromptu cinematographer. The difference, however, is in the perspective. Imagine a wedding with a dramatic setting that complements the natural landscape, where the position of guests reveals dynamics and drama. Incorporating aerial views into the range of professional photography and video from the event is a sure way to convey the look and feel of your special day. The same is true for parties, where the grand impact of an outdoor setting can be captured only from a vantage point high above, to tell a more complete story. Even a familiar location can be rediscovered when it’s seen in the full spectrum of its colors, textures and natural beauty.


Drones have become much more common in recent years. While the popularity of aerial photography has never been greater, doing it yourself requires a significant investment of time and training. Because we have the professional UAV photography equipment, coupled with the deep knowledge of how to safely operate the unmanned aerial vehicle and get those spectacular shots, High Vibe Media is your best choice for getting these unique and grand perspectives. Our aerial photography drone business is based in Charleston, SC, but with our passion for adventure and beautiful experiences, we are able to work with clients anywhere. Beyond the steeples, parks and waters of Charleston, we have used our photography drones to create aerial video and aerial images in many other spectacular locations around the world. We look forward to the opportunity to do the same for you.


What’s different about High Vibe Media is that we’re personal. Because we’re passionate about what we do and how it can help you meet your goals, we take the time to get to know you, your business and your audience. We offer our services at competitive rates. Let’s start a conversation to find out how we can best create your video content with competitive pricing that works for you. Then, let our professional high-quality aerial filming take your ideas above the everyday and see the world with a refreshed perspective.

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