Two major reasons your restaurant needs to be on social media RIGHT NOW. Stop waiting!

Why your restaurant needs social media RIGHT AWAY! Don’t wait until the time is “right.” 


All you need to begin on social media is a brand identity. Whether you’re in the process of building your restaurant or already have the doors open, you have an idea of your menu, interior/exterior aesthetic, and the overall experience you’re aiming to provide for the customer. If you’re waiting for any reason to begin building your social media presence - STOP WAITING

Social media is about authenticity. Some accounts use professional photos or carefully curated images. MOST accounts do not. If a perfectly curated and flawless vibe is not what your restaurant is about, then don’t waste any more time by not being on social media. When your potential customers log in to their Facebook or Instagram accounts, they expect to see iPhone photos of what your business is REALLY like. And you can provide that to them, starting today.  

Here are two MAJOR reasons you can't afford to keep your restaurant off social media.

1. Did you know Facebook pages show up in Google results? So if someone is Googling anything related to your restaurant in your city (Greek food, tapas, dog-friendly patio, etc) you better believe you want your Facebook page to show up in those search results! If you don’t have a Facebook page for your restaurant right now, you’re missing out on reaching potential customers. 

2. Food is the most popular topic on Instagram. 

    As of when this article was written, on Instagram there are 168,375,343 posts for #food and 76,239,441 posts for #foodporn.” - Social Media Today, 2016

As a specifically visual and mobile platform, your restaurant must be on Instagram. A professional Instagram account will be able to reach locals and travelers alike, with the proper use of hashtags and engagement in the online community.  Consistent, captivating visuals will create a buzz about your restaurant - and the best part is that it’s FREE to create this buzz. It just takes a little effort and time on your part. 

You know your customers better than anyone, you know your brand better than anyone, and you’re in the restaurant every day.  This is the perfect recipe to being creating a high vibe presence on social media. You opened a restaurant because you want customers, right? Then why wouldn’t you meet them where they are spending most of their time? Online.

You are basically turning away money by making it difficult for your potential customers to find you. 

Get online, introduce yourself, and start creating those relationships that will result in loyal and raving fans.