Facebook is now on our TVs, and your business could be too. How to get started with Facebook videos for your biz.


Marketers and industry experts are saying all signs point to VIDEO as being the 2017 trend in social media. Facebook has been pushing live video big time, and they just released a Facebook Video app on Apple TV!

Read about that here: Facebook Video Launches for Apple TV

Ok, so what does the Facebook app on AppleTV mean for your business?

Think about how YOU would use this new app. What videos would YOU watch? It’s becoming easier than ever to access video content from friends and businesses you follow online. The Facebook video app eliminates the “noise” from other updates in your regular Facebook feed (photos, links, political rants, check-ins, etc) and solely streams video content. Facebook is making your friends’ videos into television and literally injecting this content into your living room. If your business is creating value-driven, interesting, shareable videos on a regular basis, you will be broadcast in the homes of your customers and their friends.

It might sound scary to get started with using videos in your social marketing, but if you don’t want to be left behind in this fast-paced digital world, I suggest jumping in now.

Here are some ways to make Facebook video work for your business:

Provide value. All the time. Before starting a video, have a clear understanding of what value you are giving to your customer, and give it to them succinctly. Our attention spans are short. Begin the video by telling them what you’re going to talk about or show them, so they can look forward to watching until the end. Don’t use this medium as a sales pitch; give them information, insight or entertainment. If you’re teaching or providing information, it’s good to have a visual aid so that your audience has something to look at besides a static image of you speaking. Think whiteboard, poster board, props, etc.

Know your audience. Just because you think something is interesting, doesn’t necessarily mean your audience does. Put yourself in their shoes, and give them what they want. Heck, even ASK them what they want to see from you. It’s okay if some of your videos aren’t a “hit;” analyze the responses and adapt for the next video.

Put together a plan. Just as with any other form of marketing, having a content calendar for your videos will make your life easier.  Decide how often you want to post a video and what topics you’ll discuss, put it on your calendar, and get to recording! You can knock out several videos in one day and BOOM - you have a month’s worth of video content. If you choose to go the live video route, great! You can still plan and promote it beforehand. Your customers will begin to expect to hear from you, and if you’re providing value for them, they will tune in regularly.

Have fun with it! Social media is about creating relationships and positivity around your brand. Let your personality come through in your videos so your customers can relate to you. You don’t have to have the most advanced technology to begin recording these videos. With a smartphone and proper lighting you can get going.

So think about what processes in your business might be interesting to your followers. How can you connect on a more personal level with them through video?