How we REALLY felt in Big Island, Hawaii 🌴 [VIDEO]

We never take a relaxing vacation anymore. The last time we sat our bums on the sand for a week was on our honeymoon 7 years ago. While there’s a time and a place for all-inclusive resorts, we were bitten by the travel bug long ago, which just got worse when we moved from South Carolina to California after our wedding.  What a wide and wondrous world to explore, so many adventures to be had, and we realized we LOVED adventuring together.  There’s no one else who would embrace our good, bad, and ugly days. 

Five years ago, Ben became obsessed with the idea of traveling to Big Island, Hawaii. After extensive research on blogs, YouTube videos, Instagram accounts, and articles, he became my live-in tour guide :)  We booked a ticket, packed our camera gear and WAY TOO MANY clothes, and we were off to the island of Hawaii, also known as Big Island.

It was everything we thought it would be - perfect weather, kind people, beautiful sights. What we didn’t expect was the way Hawaii moved us in our souls. Some people may think it’s “woo-woo,” but we feel the energy of things, people, and situations.  Call it intuition, God’s “little voice,” our subconscious minds - when you are aware of that energy and that feeling, you begin to live accordingly.  Bad energy, anxious energy, stay away. Positive energy, curious energy, active energy, soak it in

Just hanging out in a volcano crater. NBD.

Just hanging out in a volcano crater. NBD.

At every turn, every stop, every activity, every person, we were greeted with an overwhelming sense of peace, wonder, awe, inspiration, happiness. I am tearing up just reminiscing on the way I felt in this place. Hawaii Island is raw, fresh, new. Lava flows into the ocean 24 hours a day, creating new, untouched land. The air is fresh; the freshest air in the world, they say, because of it’s long journey over the Pacific Ocean. The ocean water is clear and clean; sunscreen and pollution hasn’t clouded it. Reef life is vibrant, fruit trees are abundant, people are active and happy to be alive.  There is a respect you immediately feel for the land itself.  This is not Disneyworld; an attraction made for you to covet and selfishly indulge. This is a paradise meant to be enjoyed and shared, a learning experience. We learned about ourselves, about the island, the history, the humans, the flora and fauna that call this place home. We remembered what we love about life, traveling, each other. Everything was put into perspective here, as it is so many times when we travel together - but this was different. Here you can be completely YOU, completely free, genuine, authentic.  


As much as we wanted to document every inch, and get those amazingly epic aerial photos and videos, we just couldn’t.  We did a good job at documenting, don’t get me wrong, but normally in a new city we have no problem throwing the drone into the air wherever we are, to explore from above.  Here, in Hawaii, we didn’t feel that we had the right to do that.  After our trip, we were having dinner on the porch trying to process what we’d just experienced the week prior and Ben brought up the topic of the drone.  As we explored the island for hours every day, there was something keeping him from flying it.  It’s almost as if we subconsciously felt we hadn’t earned the right to do that. Here we are, brand new to Big Island, fresh from the mainland; how could we have the audacity to throw a drone in the air everywhere we go when we haven’t even experienced it ourselves, and felt fully present there? 

The goal of our travel videos is to put YOU there, and to put US back there every time we watch it.  We don’t capture aerial shots willy-nilly. We do it for a purpose, and we did not feel comfortable sharing something we hadn’t fully experienced yet.  The aerial shots you’ll see in the video below were taken after spending hours on the beaches, and only after most people left for the day. We know the last thing someone wants when they’re trying to enjoy their own Hawaiian experience is a drone buzzing around. 

I’m telling you. The energy.  It’s real.  We hope you enjoy our first video from our Hawaii adventure.  More to come. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to see them as they’re released.