A Day in Our Life: Southern Charmed in Charleston SC

You've seen Charleston, SC, featured on TV (Southern Charm, anyone?) and in prestigious magazines, but what does a Charleston resident REALLY do on a typical Saturday?

Winter in Shem Creek (notice the brown marsh grass. In the summer, it's green)

Winter in Shem Creek (notice the brown marsh grass. In the summer, it's green)

We documented a Saturday in our life in the video at the bottom of this page. Even though it's February, the weather is mild enough to be on the beach on Sullivan's Island and hang out by the water at Shem Creek. There's no shortage of bars and restaurants to hang at in Charleston. This is true life - we weren't compensated for any portion of the video below.  Come to think of it, Southern Charm is pretty much parallel to our lives minus the trust fund,  drama, and political affiliations. 

Not shown in the video, we hit the gym first thing in the morning. We can't keep up this lifestyle of indulgence without trying to stay in shape ;) Plus, beach season is right around the corner so we gotta ramp up the cardio! 

After the gym, our second activity of the day was to meet up with longtime friends for a birthday celebration. Crazy that our friends are having kids these days!  The birthday boy chose Tavern & Table for lunch. Their food is sometimes hit-or-miss but it's the best on Shem Creek (so far) and you can't beat the atmosphere and the service. Every time I go, I not-so-secretly wish that their designers would decorate my house.  We shared fried deviled eggs (welcome to the South!) and Crab & Artichoke dip before digging into our sandwiches and a cocktail or two.  One of the best things about grabbing a snack on the Creek is that you can take a stroll along the boardwalk afterwards, or just hang on the docks and watch for dolphins while finishing a beer - which is precisely what we did :) (Side note: our favorite restaurant in Shem Creek AREA is Nico - however, it's not on the water so it's technically not ON Shem Creek)

What's a lazy Saturday without a solid nap?? After lunch we recharged our batteries (and our cameras) and then suited up in time for sunset on Sullivan's Island.  We had the beach to ourselves because it was COLD and WINDY out there! Whew! Sullivan's is our favorite beach in Charleston. There are a lot of families and doggies that hang there year round, and everyone is respectful of each other. No crazy drunk teenagers or anything of the sort.  We got some video footage with the Mavic Pro drone, the Sony a6000, and the Nikon D610.  It's so fun to be creative together! Not only are we spending time together in nature but our strengths complement each other we feel so much more connected and happy after a session like this. 

Sunset on Sullivan's Island (lighthouse in the background)

Sunset on Sullivan's Island (lighthouse in the background)

When the sun was gone and we were done freezing our booties off, we headed to one of our favorite places in summer and winter on Sullivan's Island - Home Team BBQ. They have a frozen drink called "Game Changer" that we get at LEAST once a week (yes, we're those people). It's basically a Painkiller but better (in our humble opinion).  Since this was a Saturday it was pretty busy in there, and we decided to order a pizza to round out the night. Baroni's is our favorite pizza joint and right down the street from our house.  Honestly, if something is further than 5 miles away, we seriously second-guess it, ha! Luckily for us, Shem Creek, Sullivan's Island and some of our favorite bars and restaurants are super close by our neighborhood.  

Yes, we do go other places in Charleston, like downtown, but not very often. We stick nearby to our house and have our own little world in Mt. Pleasant, however, on special occasions or to entertain friends, we'll head over the Ravenel Bridge and hang out downtown. It's a very special and interesting place, but also busy and can get expensive if we're not careful :) We're working on that self-control thing...

Would you like to see more of what locals do in Charleston? Comment below!


Featured in the video: Sullivan's Island, SC, Home Team BBQ, Poe's Tavern, Shem Creek, Tavern & Table, Baroni's Pizza

Gear used: DJI Mavic Pro, Sony A6000, Nikon D610, iPhone X

Edited with Final Cut Pro

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