"How to Cope with Losing a Loved One: A Healthy Grieving Process" with Erin, from The Kale Whale


At 32 years old, I’d never experienced grief.  I never even THOUGHT about what it’s like to grieve, to feel like you’ll never stop crying or that life will never be normal again. So when my dog of 8.5 years died last year, it hit me hard.  My best friend, Erin (The Kale Whale) was integral in helping me cope, since she had gone through grieving process after losing her Dad years earlier.  Can you imagine how silly I felt crying to Erin about my DOG when she had lost her FATHER? But one major thing she kept telling me was - grief is grief. Pain is pain. You can’t judge or compare what someone is going through. Now, a little over a month ago, Erin lost her dog Jasper, as well.

Howard & Jasper 

Howard & Jasper 

After going through the pain of losing Howard, I was now more equipped to support and console a friend in need. It made me realize how ill-equipped I was before I’d experienced this pain and gone through the process myself. I began to think about all the opportunities I missed to support grieving friends or family properly.  

When Erin and I sat down to record this conversation, the one thing I wanted to convey was how important it is to help carry the burden of a grieving loved one. No one should have to do it alone. I also want you to know, if you haven’t experienced a loss in your life, while that’s a blessing, it’s only a matter of time before you have to face unexplainable heartache. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s true, and it’s better to have some tools to navigate it before it happens.

In this podcast, Erin and I discuss specific things that helped us through these painful experiences, and we hope you’ll find them helpful as well.  Please comment below with something you’ve learned through grieving that may help someone who needs it!



Our recent church sermon at Seacoast was about GRIEF! I'm linking that here to supplement the discussion and to hear what the Bible has to say about grieving <3 





Erin Whalen is the founder of The Kale Whale, an educational forum created to share the power of an anti-inflammatory diet. Erin holds a MA in Dance Education & Wellness Management from University of Hawaii at Manoa.  She specializes on the interrelation between athleticism and a plant based diet. Erin has worked in the health and wellness field for over ten years, using a holistic approach to guide people to their optimum health. She trained with the Cancer Project along with the Natural Wellness Center in Manoa where she worked closely with Naturopaths to further her understanding of  'food as thy medicine.' Erin has also been an integral part in the creation of several healthy menus for Oahu’s favorite vegan restaurants. Erin believes that finding unity in body, mind and spirit will allow us to live fully and freely. When Erin's not dancing around her kitchen she enjoys teaching ballet, practicing yoga, going to the beach with her dog, hiking and camping. Erin is happiest while promoting health through diet, exercise and a positive mind. She feels strongly that a plant based diet is the only saving grace for our health and our Planet's future.

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