Behind the Scenes—Meet Schanen and Ben, the couple creating High Vibes!

Hey there! We—Schanen and Ben—have been sharing our stories, videos and adventures for a while now on this site. With the launch of our new Living High Vibe series (our raison d’etre, really), we want to introduce ourselves more personally.

For those of you who know us already, thank you for following; for those who just found us, welcome! We like to chase the thrill of adventure and connect deeply with fascinating people who are up to big things. And we LOVE tacos and champagne. :)

Here’s a bit more about us that you might not have known. We hope you enjoy!


What are some things that most people don’t know about you?

BEN: I played a lot of hardcore competitive baseball growing up. I am still very athletic. Bowling, skimboarding, ping pong, you name it.

SCHANEN: I love writing. I used to write poetry and short stories and still use it as a way to reconnect to myself. Also, I don't have my ears pierced. You'd be surprised how many people who have been looking at me for years don't realize that! 

What are your favorite movies?

BEN: My favorite genre in general is horror, but I love the movie Titanic, and anything with Leo DiCaprio. The Truman Show is another favorite.

SCHANEN: I love old school Disney like Aladdin & The Little Mermaid. The Sweetest Thing, Role Models and Bridesmaids… My movie choices are pretty lighthearted :) I usually fall asleep in dramas (and sometimes action movies).

What are your most epic failures (and how did you overcome them)?

BEN: I beat myself up about not giving my music career more effort years ago, but that scene was pretty toxic. I sometimes wanted it so bad that I wasn’t enjoying life; I would lock myself away to write and wouldn’t even go out. It came time to end that chapter, grow up, get married. The best thing I ever did was get married and move to California. It was out there that I started capturing and editing videos. I was still writing and playing music but learned how to be creative in different avenues.

SCHANEN: I’m lucky to not have had any EPIC failures, however I could have handled failed friendships differently. It’s never fun to have a falling out with a friend, but I’ve learned how to actually talk about issues, be humble, and forgive, which is VERY hard for me.

What would you say to a younger version of yourself?

BEN: Work extra hard at math :) I just grazed by in school, and cheated a lot, so I would tell myself to study harder.

SCHANEN: You are doing it right!! Take it one day at a time, and don’t stress yourself out with the big picture.

What is your idea of the “perfect” day?

BEN: Being anywhere tropical. Morning hike with my wife and dog, and then laying butt naked on a beach.

SCHANEN: A morning mountain hike with Ben and Grover, going to thrift stores, lunch & drinks on the water somewhere, and ending the day with a sunset on a beach. One of those days where you don’t have an agenda and you are free to do whatever you feel like.


If you could have lunch with one person, who would it be?

BEN: Michael Jackson in his prime at Neverland ranch and have one of his personal chefs cooking lunch for us.

SCHANEN: OPRAH!!!!! I love Oprah.

What things make you happy?

BEN: Any form of creating, whether that be music, working on a video project, building things. I love going to a bar and drinking a really good beer with my wife. The ocean, beach, traveling, exploration. Specifically tropical destinations make me REALLY happy.

SCHANEN: I love making other people happy, being in nature, experiencing new things & exploring new places with Ben.

What does “living high vibe” mean to you?

BEN: The definition of living high vibe will be different for every person. But to me it’s taking the things you love or that you’re most passionate about and turning that into daily goals. It can even be taking a bad experience and challenging yourself into making it something positive. Live High Vibe is truly a lifestyle, making each day count and knowing we have one shot at this life on this tiny little earth. We have to live every day like it’s truly our last, as best we can.

SCHANEN: Living high vibe means feeling RIGHT. No regrets, no anxiety, just being completely and truly at peace with where you are and what you’re doing. For me, it’s ideally a lifestyle that I’m working toward, but I try to find the “high vibe” in every day. That could be singing at the top of my lungs in the car or the shower, checking a BIG task off my to-do list, or buying something special for the house. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what makes me ME, so living high vibe is a way to get back to me.

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