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We launched Living High Vibe last week! And we're still flying high on the exhilaration of this beloved project.

The video series is all about sharing unique individuals and how they are living their passions, with the hope that these stories inspire you too. 

Enter Kim Hallin...

She's the equestrian entrepreneur behind Unbridled. After breaking her neck in a severe fall, Kim not only bounced back but grew her passion for horses and healing into a coaching company, Unbridled. She pairs horses and humans in a new form of therapy/self-development to teach people skills like empathy, boundaries, and how to feel "unbridled" to go after their goals. 

We are thrilled to feature Kim in our first Living High Vibe video. Here, she opens up even more about her work, inspiration, and why her ideal vacation spot is North Dakota


The Unbridled Q&A

What launched you into the unique work/hobby you’re doing now?

A life-changing event in my mid-forties prompted me to reflect upon, and re-connect with, my true and authentic self. After a successful 20-year career in higher education fundraising and non-profit management, I surprised everyone by putting in my resignation so I could reunite with my childhood dream of creating a business focused on “horses healing humans healing horses”.

In one sentence, what’s your advice for people trying to find their thing?

Pay attention to that one topic, issue, activity or hobby in your life that you can’t stop thinking about - the one you stay up late reading about or researching or doing, even when you are too exhausted for anything else. THAT’s your “thing”!

What does “Living High Vibe” mean to you?

Embracing the things that make me feel alive, feed my soul and give my life a higher meaning and purpose. It also means being brave enough to say “no” to the things that don’t.

Where do you find inspiration?

Usually from being outside in nature and spending time alone with my horses or other animals. I’m also hugely inspired by ANYONE who chooses to live in accordance with their authentic self.


Who is a role model you look up to?

In the equine industry, Karen Rohlf is a huge role model because she was brave enough to envision and implement a new model that bucks many “accepted” beliefs and standards in order to put the wellbeing of horses first... while simultaneously building a very successful business AND a life she loves!

What’s one unexpected thing people wouldn’t guess about you?

I’m pretty much an open book! What you see is what you get. But most people probably wouldn’t guess that my favorite brainless thing to do in those rare moments when I actually sit down on the couch is to play Clash of Clans.

What is the hardest aspect of your work for you to tackle?

Sales and marketing, for sure. Equine-assisted experiential learning is still a relatively new field and most people have trouble grasping how a horse could possibly help them get “unstuck” or find greater happiness and joy in their lives. Because the experience is absolutely unique, it’s really hard to articulate the specific benefits any individual will receive. In the end it’s always enjoyable, though, and many participants describe the experience as “profoundly life changing”.

Favorite places to explore (cities, countries, things like coffee shops, etc...)?

I’m fascinated by small, rural towns. I love to discover their history, when and how they were established, what kinds of people live there, what the residents do for a living, what issues they face, etc.

Tell us a story about a time you thought you were going to fail for good.

I think there is a part of me that always thinks I’m going to fail. You know, that little internal voice that taunts, “Today’s the day they’re finally going to realize you don’t know what you’re doing!” or “Who are you to think you can do that?”

Thankfully, I’ve been blessed to have a few special people (and horses!) in my life who always seem to believe in me more than I believe in myself… even when things aren’t going well. With that kind of unconditional love and support, there’s really no such thing as “failure”!

Making the decision to become an entrepreneur and to go into business for myself required me to acknowledge upfront that even if my business fails, this will not make me a failure. In fact, the lessons learned will make me smarter and even more likely to succeed in the future.


What fictional character would you like to be and why?

I’ll never stop wanting to be Alec Ramsey in The Black Stallion series because he got to live alone on a deserted island with an untamed horse who became his best friend for life.

How do you describe your vibe?

My vibe is “down-to-earth authenticity with a generous portion of unbridled optimism!"

If you could take one trip anywhere right now, where would it be?

Out West (Nevada or North Dakota) to spend time observing, photographing and learning from the wild mustangs.

What’s next for you? #futureprojects

While I love helping people get “unstuck” in their lives, I also feel called to make the domestic world a more compassionate place for horses… one where their gifts as healers and teachers are valued even more than their athletic abilities.

In order to initiate this kind of lasting positive change, it will be imperative to mentor the next generation of horse-lovers so they learn to see beyond traditional views, outdated practices and stagnant business models. I’m not exactly sure what form this “mentoring” initiative will take for me via Unbridled but I’ve got some pretty exciting ideas formulating!


Connect with Kim & Unbridled:


Kim's blog: My Unbridled Life 

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