The BEST Gender Reveal Announcement!

Since our last blog post, some CRAZZYYYYYY things have taken place. For one - we found out we’re having a baby! Well… that’s literally the only crazy thing that’s happened, but man - I’m surprised how ZAPPED of energy those first few months made me. Growing a human is hard work, ya’ll.

Fast forward to my 2nd trimester when I got my energy back, Ben and I thought that would be the perfect time to book a getaway (aka “baby moon”) - our last trip as TRULY “just us.” We booked an entire trip to St. John USVI (one of our favorite islands EVER) before realizing Zika is still a thing and they aren’t cleared on the CDC website yet. Grrrr - so we cancelled everything a week prior to our trip.

After a little frantic research, (we were GOING on a vacation, dangit!) we ended up choosing Eleuthera, Bahamas, because it was cleared from “Zika” and it looked GORGEOUS and full of adventurous places to explore. So the next week we went to our 20-week pregnancy anatomy scan, got the ultrasound tech to seal our baby’s gender in an envelope, and headed to Eleuthera the next day!


What a perfect decision! We truly feel that God led us to that little island because it was everything we needed for this special and scary/strange time in our lives. Plenty of relaxation, untouched land to explore, and the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever seen. After finding out the gender of our baby at dinner the first night, we let the island lead us to an opportunity to share the news with our family and friends.

When traveling, we like to pull up the “satellite view” on our Maps app to see where random beaches might be. This particular day, we were blessed with one of the most pristine beaches we’ve ever laid eyes on. We knew this was “our beach” and this was the perfect spot to announce our baby’s gender.

We hope you enjoy this video from such a special moment in our lives!

For the FULL video/vlog from our trip to Eleuthera, check out our YouTube channel: