[VIDEO] Young Hawaiian lei-maker followed her passion to create lei business [Hawaii Flora + Fauna]

Imagine wandering the forest and jungles to forage for flora + fauna every day, returning home to a glass of wine & vibey music, surrounding yourself with the beauty you found in the jungles, and making lei with maybe a few friends to help. That’s exactly what Lauren Shearer does every day in her business Hawaii Flora + Fauna and it’s what drew me to Lauren's lei-making work in the beginning. Seeing her passion, talent, and joy during the lei-making process - she is in the ZONE!



Lauren is the original inspiration behind our entire LIVING HIGH VIBE series, where we feature unique activities to help people get unstuck. We knew we had to fly to Hawaii to document her process in person!


Growing up in Hawaii, Lauren never dreamed she'd one day create a business out of making lei. Now, two years into her entrepreneurial endeavor, she's made lei for large events, celebrities, and still staying true to the roots of making lei, as gifts for friends and loved ones.


LIVING HIGH VIBE means doing what lights you up, and Lauren embodies this notion through her work every day. It's beautiful to watch her work and speak about lei. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into a long-standing Hawaiian tradition. 


About Lauren

Flora and Fauna sprouted out of a hobby and passion that I have been practicing most of my life.  I am born and raised in Maui, Hawaii and now successfully run a custom lei making business.  


My mission is to bring awareness to our surrounding natures no matter where you are in the world.  The culture, nature, floras, and faunas of Hawaii is a constant inspiration.  It wasn't until I realized that everything can be made into a lei that I constantly began to experiment and delve out of the comfort zone of "generic" lei flowers.  This creation leaves so much creativity for a different product.  

This craft is one that began thousands of years ago, however I am using a traditional art I am combining it with a modern and contemporary style.


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